10 Simple SEO Tricks To Reach In Top Of Search Engines Listings

Tricks To Get High Amount Of Traffic Doing SEO

Do You Own A Website And Have Zero Traffic? What should be your next Step? How You Can Reach Your Audiences? Yes, these are questions you might be wondering. So I’ll bring 10 simple tricks to get huge amount of traffic through your own Website. But, How can it be possible? You are having “No Traffic” or say very less traffic to your Website.

Search Engine Optimization Checklist

You should optimize your Website for your Audiences and Search Engines & here are the 10 simple tricks to optimize your Website so to reach in top of Search Engines Results Pages (SERP).

10 Simple Tricks To Reach In Top Of Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other Search Engines Listings

  1. Check for your Website Title, choose the best Keywords as per your Webpage content & summarize the entire post/webpage in 7 to 10 Words (maximum 70 characters)
  2. Write Meta Description for your Webpage/Blog Post summarizing your Website Blog Post/Webpage which should not be more than 160 characters.
  3. Write Heading under H1 Tag describing the Webpage Product or your Service or about the Blog Post in not more than 10 to 12 Words.
  4. Write an unique content more than 1500 Words with an appropriate Sub-Headings under H2 to H6 Tags for a Blog Post, If you have an unique product/service may be 300+ Words content is enough for your Webpage to reach in Top of Search Engines listing.
  5. Content Optimization: Make short sentences, users find it boring to read long paragraphs. You may use Bullets list, it’s very easier way to describe your Product/Service or even when you own a Blog through which you can encourage users to read the post in points.

  6. Use Bold, Italic and Underlined texts, wherever necessary to highlight & stand out from the other contents on the page.
  7. Add Images and provide Image Alt Tag, i.e. alt attribute under the img tag, so make the image informative for Search Engines to understand.
  8. Do Internal Linking with other related webpages/blog posts, so users can read more on the specific topics/product/service.
  9. While linking other pages, you may choose specific phrases which in SEO terms is known as Keyphrases or more commonly known as “Keywords“, i.e., you are doing Anchor Text Optimization.
  10. Use Sitemaps (in both forms HTML/Dynamic & XML form which contains list of links) & submit your Website URLs (links) in Search Engines Webmaster Tools to index your Webpages.

I hope this simple tricks helps your Website to gain good positions in Search Engines Listings. Will post more on all the points with other posts and link it through this post for in-depth information.

Will appreciate if you provide feedback through your comments.




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5 Steps To Do If Your Website Lost Traffic Due To Penguin 4.0

Google Recently Announced Penguin 4.0, Real Time Core Search Algorithm Update

On Friday, 23rd September 2016, Google finally confirmed that Penguin 4.0 was rolled out for all the languages worldwide through Google Webmaster Central Blog Post: “Penguin is now part of our core algorithm“.

What is Google Penguin Update?

Google Penguin Update is an algorithm first launched in April 2012 to demote Websites SERP positions which follows unethical link building practices such as buying links and building irrelevant links to their website in order to get better Website positioning in Google search results. Penguin update was introduced in order to stop spammy links getting link-juice benefits.

If your Website is affected with the latest Google Penguin 4.0 Update, you should follow the 5 steps below to get back the traffic you lost:

  1. Stop the SEO agency who built spammy backlinks for your Website.
  2. Check the links yourself for your Website using free online backlinks extracter tools (Majestic, OpenSiteExplorer, Ahref’s or Google Webmaster Tools itself)
  3. Use Domain Authority & Page Authority checker to see quality of the links and disavow the links with low quality score
  4. Manually check the links should be relevant to your niche industry, if not you can disav the links using Google’s disavow tool
  5. Build quality contents on your Website and regularly post product/service updates or news on your blog & share it through Social Channels to reach more number of audiences to get natural backlinks.

Hope this helps. This is our views, we appreciate your feedback through your comments.

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Duplicate Content!!! Is it Ok? Not at All

Content is a necessity today for any website. Whether you have to improve your performance over search engines or over sites that generate back links you need to have good and unique content but the biggest question currently looming in the market is duplicate content!!! Is it ok? To understand the effect of duplicate content on your website and whether it is ok or not, you first need to understand what duplicate content exactly is. Today getting content is easy for those who can pay well but to get it in an affordable way might prove out to be difficult and that is why people drift towards duplicate content. Though many times this content won`t lead a website to getting blacklisted but it may limit the benefits you can reap from your SEO program.

Basically if you go by the name you can say that duplicate content would be the identical content present on different domains but the definition is much more elaborate as at times identical content used in different domains cannot be considered as duplicate content. For example you are trying to make a list of people interested in a particular subject. So you need to put in a squeeze page where you can lure people to give their email address in return of a gift. After this all left on your part to do is to generate traffic for this squeeze page of yours through different methods. One way of generating traffic here is content marketing in which you can write articles on your subject using the most popular keywords. You might submit this content to different directories but search engine would not take them as duplicate content.

Coming back to the question duplicate content!!! Is it ok? You are well aware of one particular thing which is content is going to play a very important role in your SEO campaign and what does SEO do, it makes your online presence stronger by increasing traffic to your website and also makes your website top the search results on best search engines whenever any keyword related to your niche is searched. When you start using duplicate content the crawlers of search engines notice it and they go back to the source of information. In this whole process, while the source gets better ranking your ranking is substantially reduced by the search engine as duplicate content is something they cannot tolerate.

Also if you shouldn’t use duplicate content then you are also supposed to do one particular thing which is to prevent any other website from duplicating your content. If it is your responsibility not to use any website`s content then it is also your right that your unique content which is also your intellectual property is not copied by others. Though there are not many ways in which you can save content theft but there are certain things you can do if you find any website using your content. You can either ask them to provide a back link to your website if they are using your content or they can simply remove the content.

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Use Responsive Website Design to reap benefits

Responsive Website Design

Use Responsive Website Design to reap benefits

How would you feel if the website you visited on your computer appears distorted when opened on your mobile phone. It is definitely going to be an irritating experience and this is where responsive website design comes in to play. In this the basic thing is that the website responds to the screen size of whatever device it has been opened on. These websites have coding and technology which allows it to adjust to whatever screen size or device it is subjected to. It has many advantages such as:

  • The foremost benefit of such websites is that once you get your website designed on this model you don’t have the need to get a website again made for mobile phone viewership. This means that you don’t have to indulge again in designing a website for yourself right from the start. This can help you a lot in saving the money you could have spent on web development and this money can be used for other purposes.
  • Responsive website design allows the resizing of all the attributes of the website such as images and text. This means that when a user opens your website he won’t need to zoom in or out which would mean that he won’t get distracted from the content of your site.
  • These websites look modern and updated which means that when a user notices this aspect it leads to the creation of a positive impression of you on him.
  • When you need to modify or update the content of your website you need to do it at just one place. This is very different from the earlier setup where you had to update content on your websites, computer and mobile.
  • It can have a very positive response towards your SEO campaign. You can understand this in the way that when your website would be searched by the search engines they wont need to visit both your websites but just one.

These websites use a script actually which checks and tells the screen size of the device on which the website is being viewed whether it is phone or tablet or anything else. It has gained so much popularity in the recent ears because of one single reason and that is the big increase in the popularity of phones and tablets. Today more and more people are using smart phones and tablets because they allow them to keep in touch with the virtual world all the time. That is why you need to your website to have responsive web design so that your website is easily accessible to your users.

After all, you get your website made so that your potential clients can visit you whenever they want so why hamper this process just because your website is not responsive. This is also greatly help you in getting you better rankings on search engines because the new algorithms don’t prefer mobile sites. This means that if a person is making a search related to your niche, you might not get placed well on the search result just because your website doesn’t have responsive website design.

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How Effect of Email Marketing on Business can be Made Positive

Today internet has become such a big platform for doing business that SEO has become a very popular word among business and website owners. More and more people want to get their websites optimized but in all this people have forgotten the relevance and effectiveness of Email marketing. Today with the advent of very easy to use and carry devices, people have constant access to their mails and that is why effect of Email marketing on business should never be forgotten. If properly implemented and used, this form of marketing can also be very beneficial for you. For the people unaware of its benefits it is very important for them to know its key benefits such as:

  • Best part about this is that it allows you to create segments of your customers based on different criteria so that you can focus on them separately. These criteria are like demographics, interests and behavior.
  • This way you can always be in the vicinity of the attention of your potential customers, even during the times when they are not actively looking in your business or website.
  • The best part about this form of marketing is that it allows you to measure or quantify your marketing campaign so that you can control expenditure.

So if you have your own business or website then you can readily understand the effect of Email marketing on business and thus you should get a relevant plug in to use this. Now to make this marketing campaign successful you should carry out things in the following way:

  • First thing is that you shouldn’t have a list of Emails but actually an Email database. You should always carry the notion in your mind that this database is not only going to be the start of your marketing plan but also it is going to be the biggest way you would communicate with your potential clientage. Your database should be comprised of the list of emails of those people who might be interested in your products and services.
  • Another aspect you should have in your mind is that you need to shape up your campaign in such a way that your emails looks unique and different to them amidst the crowd of scores of email they receive everyday from a lot many different companies. Basically what you can do here is that while your communication is completely focused on your brand, you can take liberty and try to use something new and innovative to give your communication a new edge.
  • Above all, always keep your messages and mails simple which means it should be quite straightforward rather than being vague in itself. You should keep your communication informative but when it comes to a dialogue on your products and services, it should not be consisting of any kind of corporate rubbish. Always keep your product ahead of everything else instead of trying to hide behind any kind of matter or words.

By doing all this you can see the positive effect of Email marketing on business.

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